16 facts about male hormones that will surprise you

16 facts about male hormones that will surprise you

1. How many days in a man’s month?

There are different points of view on this matter. And more precisely, in the male body at the same time there are several cyclic processes. "The sperm need to 72-74 days in order to ripen fully, explains the French andrologist Silvian Mean." Therefore, it is recommended to do a spermogram in the reproduction centers every three months. "But recently discovered and another strange a near certainty. American scientists in the 1960s hypothesized that men also have a monthly cycle. Evidence for a still. For example, the pharmaceutical concern Bayer recently conducted a study that showed that men regularly have critical days. The reason is hormonal fluctuations that affect both the libido and the General condition of your man and his emotions. At this time he is sulking, easily irritated. Scientists believe that the frequency of male tantrums is from 23 to 33 days. It is believed that in addition to the above its well-being and sexual desire is strongly influenced by the moon: a man wants his woman in line with monthly cycle, with two peaks: the main peak on the full moon and the second on the new moon. In General, it makes sense to start keeping a men's menstrual calendar. Are you confused in this context, the word "menstrual"? In America, the term manstruation is widely used – you can use it.

2. Do men have female hormones?

Our nature is paradoxical and… perfect. Man and woman really complement each other, from a physiological point of view, the myth of Plato about the two halves still makes sense – in the female body there are male hormones, male can not exist without female. In particular-without estradiol, the most active female hormone – estrogen, which we produce in the ovaries and adrenal glands, and in men-in the testicles, adrenal and peripheral tissues. An adult male produces about 40 µg of estradiol per day. This hormone, by the way, plays an important role in male fertility. In addition, a man needs female hormones for bone strength. We also need male hormones for bone and muscle health, as well as good sexual desire. According to Professor Richard sharp of the London center for reproductive medicine, the difference between a man and a woman is that the female body processes more testosterone into estrogen than the male. In women with elevated levels of testosterone libido is usually high, they are more cheerful, energetic and initiative, actively achieve success in their careers. But they have to do hair removal much more often-from testosterone hair grows more actively.

3. Does testosterone make your muscles grow?

Oddly enough, no. Instead of testosterone determines the strength of men’s sexual desires. But it is not necessary that a large, muscular, hairy male will be good in bed. The heavy jaw, broad shoulders and muscles are secondary sexual characteristics – the male Y chromosome is responsible for them. On the shape effect heredity: high and manly father are more likely to be born Schwarzenegger, not woody Allen. By the way, about the sex life of woody Allen is legendary, and Schwarzenegger is famous mainly for its biceps.

4. What happens to a man during the day?

Do not think that only you bite your nose before noon, and after dinner you are distracted by all sorts of fantasies, most often indecent. Wonder they say that men are simple creatures, they work about the same as we – that is difficult. For example, due to the fact that the secretion of testosterone in men does not occur constantly, but occasionally, the level of this hormone in the blood during the day fluctuates, and very significantly. The maximum level of testosterone is observed between two hours of the night and 6 am (so they like sex at dawn), the minimum – about an hour of the day. In women the peak of sexual desire occurs around 16:00. However, in men, daily hormonal fluctuations are not so much affect the mood and tone, as in girls. Or they just learn from childhood to hide it?

5. Is it true that the more testosterone a man has, the more aggressive he is?

Lie. This is a myth that scientists have recently finally refuted. Despite the fact that in the animal world, males with low testosterone levels in the blood usually lose in fights with those who have testosterone all right, homo sapiens is different. The main male hormone affects only the libido. Both men and women. Yes, men are more aggressive by nature, it is a fact. According to statistics, by the age of ten the average boy is involved in at least one brawl or fight. And only one girl out of five can boast of the same. But this is not due to testosterone. “Good girl” and “boy bully” – only role models that we impose society and which we unconsciously follow all my life.

6. Do successful men have a lot of testosterone?

There is some truth to that. Harvard scientists have found a direct connection of testosterone with the development of the right hemisphere of the brain. In men with high testosterone levels, the left hemisphere was worse developed, and the right – on the contrary, better. Therefore, such people have remarkable abilities to spatial-figurative thinking, they are easily given mathematics, architecture, geometry and other Sciences, as well as creativity. In men with a developed right-hemisphere thinking, all incoming information is not just remembered, but immediately rethought and synthesized, producing a new information product. Therefore, among scientists it is believed that testosterone – the engine of civilization. Yet it is often called the “hormone status.

7. Why do some men age faster than others?

It’s the hormones again. Testosterone begins to be produced in the testicles of the fetus-boy in the womb, and the peak of its production falls on the transitional age. Thanks to testosterone in adolescents begins to grow penis, beard, mustache, there is a redistribution of subcutaneous fat in the male type, changing the timbre of the voice and in the end there is a sexual desire. With age, the amount of this hormone is gradually reduced, in each man it occurs on an individual genetic program. On average, after 30 years, testosterone levels drop by 1-2% per year. To keep it in the norm, it is useful to monitor your weight (in obese men after 30 every year in the blood of testosterone becomes 10-20% less) and more often have sex-training stimulates the production of this hormone.

8. What affects penis size?

Size is a kind of man’s dowry. The factor is purely genetic. Lottery. If you explain scientifically, the size of his penis depends on the filling of cavernous bodies with blood during erection. Someone has the ability of cavernous bodies to expand deserves all praise, because it leads to an increase in the penis three or more times relative to the state of rest. In others, the size may vary slightly. The norm is the length of an erection from 5 cm (do not cry!), and the average size in erect state – of 13-18 cm is Considered, the way that the penis can grow until 23-24 years old.

9. Is it possible to determine the size of the nose shape?

As well as the length of the thumb on the leg, the thickness of the thumb on the hand… Doctors say that all this at anything – the person with small palms can have an outstanding sexual anatomy. But it is highly recommended to pay attention to the size of the car – it is often inversely proportional to the size of the penis.

10. Is it true that hairy men are good in bed?

Asians or Indians have virtually no vegetation on the body – and in no way inferior sexually to the Spaniards or Georgians. By the way, according to the French plastic surgeon Catherine de gusac, men with age have more body hair, and women – less. Hardly anyone would dare to claim that older men have more libido than younger men.

11. Why in his youth, he wants more and she wants more?

Neuropsychologist Boris Barber explains: “the boys in the transition to adulthood testosterone levels can for two to three months to jump into the air eighteen times. In girls, the process is softer – the synthesis of testosterone in them increases three to four times in two to three years.” Part of the reason for the fairer sex romantic aspect of the relationship is as important as physical. And more: in a joint viewing of the film in the back row of the cinema we are able to capture the essence of the plot, and boys not. Even if it’s porn.

12. Why do men grow Breasts?

As a rule, an excess of the female hormone estrogen, which affects the breast and feminizes the male figure, observed in overweight men. Numerous studies have found that adipose tissue is a huge endocrine organ that synthesizes many hormones. Including estrogen. So when the man’s chest is the envy of the girls, he is by far the time to the endocrinologist.

13. Where does sex come from?

Of the testicles that most men have approximately the same size – about 4 cm in diameter. More miniature options should alert you: this most likely means that your friend is not all right with the level of male hormones. Yes, and libido might have a problem. Removal of one testicle (trauma, tumor) may not affect sexual activity and testosterone levels. (Remember poor Steve from Sex and the city who had testicular cancer and had one removed? His girlfriend Miranda, who in turn had “fading ovarian function”, got pregnant from the first time!) But in rare cases, the level of male hormones may decrease, and in this case, the endocrinologist will help the man. Or, oddly enough, a plastic surgeon who will implant a silicone implant in the scrotum, in its shape and size corresponding to the lost testicle. There is no need for this, except for aesthetic, but increasing self-esteem can miraculously adjust his sex life.

14. Why men do not have cellulite?

It’s simple – they have naturally more developed (that is, more dense) muscle tissue, and the skin of a man contains more collagen. But with age, if a man is not engaged in a, his muscles overgrown with fat and disappear. Nature, as you can see, is quite fair.

15. Do men suffer from stress?

Even more! The fact that the emotional center in the brain is directly related to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are responsible for the production of hormones. So, the result of a heavy experience can be no less severe hormonal failure. Men over the age of 45 are particularly at risk.

16. Is he going to have a menopause too?

It is better not to throw such words, especially in his presence-and then he will panic! The so-called “andropause ” is not as intense as menopause in women, but it still can not escape. The level of the same testosterone decreases gradually over the years (after 50 years, it falls at least 10-20% of the stronger sex), but you can not ignore this process. Symptoms: weakening of memory and attention, problems with erection and libido, increased sweating and fatigue. The most effective therapy is sex and sports. And even better-much love, as in 17 years.

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