Drugs for Potency: Are They Harmful?

Drugs for potency: are they harmful? Deciding to discuss with friends such a piquant topic as taking drugs to improve potency, you can hear, for example, that they are more addictive than heroin, so porn actors without a tablet of “Viagra” are not capable of anything at all. Moreover, having drunk before sex a pill, […]

Vascular Impotence

Vascular Impotence After 40-45 years, the percentage of men with erectile dysfunction increases significantly. Although at an earlier age, too, there are similar problems. They are divided into two main groups: psychogenic character and impotence of vascular Genesis. We will focus on the second option. What is it? Vascular impotence is an organic (non-psychological) form […]

Treatment of Impotence

Treatment of Impotence According to historical tradition, the term “impotence” is called the state of male sexual impotence. According to the ideas of modern medicine, impotence is the inability to maintain an erection sufficient for one’s own sexual satisfaction and the satisfaction of the partner. According to historical tradition, the term “impotence” is called the […]