A healthy man in your home

A Healthy Man in Your Home Part 1

Every man wants to be strong and healthy, but most believe that health will come in itself, that it depends on the state of health, the level of medicine, from the state. Very few men are willing to work hard to be healthy. At the heart of the book you start reading is the situation: everyone is largely responsible for their own health. If you get into this idea, you will begin to lead a healthy lifestyle and will do it all your life. Your health is in your hands. We clearly understand that it is very difficult to give up bad habits and change your life. Sometimes radically. But for this we need to know why we do it. We need to make sure that this is the only way to health and desired longevity. And in order to become a staunch supporter of a healthy lifestyle, you need to know a lot, first of all about yourself, about your body, about your soul. Know and just love yourself. The purpose of our book – to give in an accessible form to men all the necessary information about their own body, about a healthy life, about the benefits of health before ill health, to assess their strength and change their lifestyle. This is exactly the case when the end justifies the means. Do not spare neither time nor effort to be healthy. We hope that this book will be very useful for men, their wives and girlfriends. It will teach you how to be healthy and how to resist premature old age, supporting the vitality.


What a wonderful man! How infinite in faculty! How accurate and striking in warehouse and movements! In acts it is as close to an angel! In views as close to God! Beauty Of The Universe! The Paragon of animals!

William Shakespeare

All people belong to a single species “Homo sapiens sapiens”. Notice the repetition of the word “reasonable.” Being a biological being, human (only human!) possesses intelligence, articulate speech, consciousness and self-awareness, intelligence and freedom of choice. Species “reasonable reasonable man” is divided into two subspecies: man and woman. The similarity between them is great, but even more-the differences.

Throughout the history of mankind, a man was considered a strong sex, and the quality of “masculinity” – a sign of men. In many languages, “man” and “man” are synonyms. In the second half of the XX century everything changed dramatically. The man today is the weaker sex. Men live less, are more likely to get sick and die (compared to women). It begins in the intrauterine period, when more fetuses of boys die. However, in General, boys are born 4-8 % more than girls, but by the age of 50 the ratio of men and women falls to 92:100, to 70-year – old-to 70:100, and to 80 – year-old-to 56-58:100.

Worldwide, men’s life expectancy is lower than that of women. In developed countries, the difference is 8-9 years, in some (Japan, Israel, USA) – only 3-6 years, in Russia – more than 14 years. Russia ranks 111st in the world by this indicator (between Iraq and Belize). Sadly … the mortality rate of men in the working age groups has been increasing year by year, in the last decade the mortality rate of this group of men is about 4 times higher than that of women, and more than 7 times higher than in the European Union. The demographic situation in Russia is very difficult. To a greater extent this applies to men. Another very dangerous trend is the steady increase in the number of suicides in our country among the entire population, but-and this is especially alarming! – the frequency of suicides is significantly higher in men than in women, and several times higher than in developed countries (In 2005).

The number of men with sexual disorders is growing rapidly. In the 90-ies of XX century in the United States were conducted large-scale studies of aging men, the results of which showed that 52% of men aged 40 to 70 years suffered from erectile dysfunction (L. Kattenstein, 1998). The data I obtained showed that erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs in 41% of men aged 18 to 80 years and in 68% of men over 50 years. Predictions are terrifying. By 2025, the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotence) on our planet will reach 300 million. The projections are for developed countries, including men who are officially receiving treatment. In fact, they will be 3-4 times more. From year to year, the number of men under 40 suffering from ED is increasing. According to my own data, in the 60s of the XX century the share of such men was 8 %, in the 70s-14 %, in the 80s-18 %, in the 90s – 22.6 %, in the zero years of the XXI century-27.3 %. Over the past 50 years, the reproductive potential of men has significantly decreased, the concentration of sperm in sperm and their mobility decreases annually.

Two more important factors can be added: environmental – alas, men are more susceptible to toxic effects of the environment, and social – the decline in the social status of men and the increase in the status of women.

The Nobel laureate in literature Gunter grass says about today’s man: “the Toy of fate…, the theater in which the drama of anguish and despair is played.” I think we can agree with that. Moreover, in the scientific literature about men appeared tragic notes: men – “endangered sex” and “sperm crisis“. Let me stress that it is not writers who speak about this, but scientists. Unfortunately, society and men themselves ignore these problems, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

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