How to recognize impotent-this question may seem strange, but not for women, especially those who have crossed the line “for 40”. After all, do not want to spend time and energy on relationships that do not have prospects for development in the intimate sphere. We’ll tell you how to recognize the problem before you get into an awkward situation.


Studies have shown that men who cross the forty-year mark, in sixty percent are prone to diseases associated with sexual dysfunction. This does not mean that each of them is impotent, but this risk increases with age. How to recognize the disease, and how it can be independently diagnosed?

Male health experts argue that even if a person has reached an advanced age, this does not necessarily mean difficulty in the process of sexual intercourse. And if you are concerned about the question: how to understand that a man is impotent, it is necessary to find the sources of problems. After all, impotence is not only an age-related disease. This problem is caused by:

  • wrong way of life;
  • not system and harmful power;
  • habits that destroy the body and, in particular, sexual function (drug addiction, alcoholism, Smoking).
    • But how to recognize impotent for sure? According to doctors, to make it “by eye”, it is almost impossible. However, there are a number of indirect signs.


      Many are interested in how impotent people look and behave. There are several indicators for men suffering from this problem:

      Shyness. Such a man will never insist on a night of love, laugh off the invitation “for a Cup of coffee” . Often it seems that they are too respectable, but in fact such individuals of the stronger sex are simply afraid to show their weakness.

      Excessive irritability. Because of the constant thoughts about the problem associated with sexual function, the man begins to be extremely hostile to all the “greasy” jokes and flirting with his half.
      Diffidence. Quiet, slurred speech, lowered look-the man obviously does not want to open to you. And, therefore-there is a problem.

      Signs of an improper lifestyle. Let’s see what we talked about the causes of impotence. If a man smokes a lot, is overweight and signs of alcoholism beginning, it is unlikely he will manifest himself as a sexual terrorist.

      Of course, each of these signs of impotence is not yet an indicator of the problem, but the presence of two or three at once is a reason to think seriously.

      Many men are concerned about how to understand what you’re impotent in the near future?

      It is necessary to pay attention to the following symptoms:

      A decrease in libido. The attraction to the beloved woman is weakening, and you do not want to indulge in love pleasures anymore? Time to look at yourself more closely.

      The lack of morning erections, and softening of the penis during sex. This is the symptom that catches the eye immediately, and causes only panic, but should be the reason for going to a specialist.
      Quick end of sexual intercourse. If this happens involuntarily-you should pay special attention and go to the doctor.

      Finally, I would like to urge men not to despair, and women – not to get hung up. If the bond doesn’t aim at procreation, then, after all, love and sex are much broader concepts than the movement of an erect penis into the vagina. There are many “alternative” options to give each other pleasure. If you are really dear to each other, you will surely find a way to solve the problem.

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