Many people believe that sexual disorders associated with the inability to get an orgasm are peculiar only to women, but men never suffer from them due to the peculiarities of physiology. However, the data of sociological surveys indicate the opposite: from 5 to 15 % of the stronger sex are subject to such violations. Difficulties with achieving orgasm are present in their lives either constantly or periodically.

Such men absolutely normally begin sexual intercourse. Their sexual arousal gradually increases and, having reached a peak, remains at an optimal level. They also do not experience difficulties with an erection. However, ejaculation is delayed and sometimes occurs only after prolonged stimulation of the penis. In other, more complex cases, ejaculation may not occur at all.

And some men are unable to reach orgasm only when the penis is in the vagina. In other situations, such as masturbation, normal ejaculation occurs.

Later ejaculation is called primary if the man has never ejaculated during sexual intercourse. If it occurred earlier, but later this mechanism “broke down” for some reason, such a violation is secondary.

Late ejaculation does not necessarily indicate any inflammatory disease or sexual development disorder. This disorder is not related to retrograde ejaculation, in which sperm entering the urethra is not thrown out, but enters the bladder. This condition is caused by organic causes: the consequence of surgical intervention, taking strong medications that have negative side effects, etc.

In other cases, ejaculation occurs, but the man does not feel the emotional surge accompanying the orgasm. Such violations are characteristic of people brought up in excessive strictness, which makes them feel guilty when enjoying sex. The described disorder also cannot be characterized
as late ejaculation.

One suggestion about the causes of late ejaculation is of interest. Some scientists believe that the psychological background of this sexual disorder is the idea that during sexual intercourse, a man is simply obliged to give a woman complete satisfaction.

And the duty, like other work performed out of necessity, blocks the expression of emotions and, as a result, reduces the sensitivity of the penis. After some time, the man still reaches ejaculation, but the sensations that he experiences at the same time have nothing to do with orgasm.

Late ejaculation is often observed in men with ascetic views on sensual pleasures. As a rule, this side of their life has been strictly forbidden since childhood, so everything that relates to sex and sexual organs seems dirty and vicious to them. Such people often experience difficulties even with formal contacts with others. And close, trusting relationships associated with emotions, empathy and other subtle feelings are not available to them at all.

In such cases, not only the intervention of a sex therapist is required, but also repeated consultations with a psychologist.

Interpersonal problems of sexual partners can also disrupt the harmony of intimate life. In general, sexual intercourse is a reflection of any nuances in the relationship. Sexual problems usually indicate misunderstandings or conflicts, which are based on either jealousy and distrust, or a struggle for power in the family, or hidden hostility, etc.

In other cases, late ejaculation is the only evidence of trouble in a man’s life, which he, as a gentleman, tries to hide from his partner. To
such an effect can lead to a temporary loss of a woman’s attractiveness (pregnancy and postpartum period, age changes, etc.), excessive demands of a man to himself, impossible with his sexual capabilities.

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