Rapid Ejaculation

What is a Rapid Ejaculation?
In the medical language, rapid ejaculation is the onset of ejaculation earlier than 3 minutes after the onset of intercourse. During this time, a woman usually does not have time to get sexual satisfaction. In some cases, ejaculation can occur even before or immediately after the introduction of a member of the vagina.

For men, problems with ejaculation prove to be a strong pressure on the psychological state. He can not control the duration of sexual intercourse, the partner does not receive satisfaction, which certainly affects the relationship of the couple.

When examining a man who complains of a quick ejaculation, it is necessary to clarify the number of partners and whether the problem was “from the diaper”. Then it is possible to establish the acquired or congenital given problem, and, to determine the method of treatment of rapid semination. So, if at least one of the partners had a normal sexual intercourse, then in this case premature ejaculation is considered acquired.

Accelerated ejaculation reaches among men of young age a prevalence of 30%. Sexual dissatisfaction leads to the fact that a man feels inadequate, loses confidence, increases the number of conflict situations in a relationship with a partner.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Early ejaculation does not come by itself: it is preceded by a number of provocative factors and disorders in the health or lifestyle of a man. The most common reasons for premature ejaculation are:

  • A long break in intimate relationships. As a result of this cause, a man’s sexual desire is excessively increased, which causes early ejaculation.
  • Lack of experience in sex. Very often ejaculation is premature in those young people who are just beginning to learn the delicate subtleties of relationships with girls. Because of excessive excitement, the young man completes the sexual act too quickly, and in the absence of an understanding of the partner, this can lead to a neurotic expecting a second failure.
  • Excessive sensitivity of the penis. This reason is most often acquired (for example, due to certain inflammatory diseases), but it is also congenital.
  • Short frenum member or other features of the structure of the genital organs.
  • Inflammatory processes, most often in the reproductive field. Accelerated ejaculation can lead to such ailments as vesiculitis or prostatitis.
  • Hormonal disorders in the male body, including the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Pathology of the spine, especially the lumbar spine.
  • Taking certain medications, most often antidepressants, which can cause such undesirable consequences.
  • Unsuitable conditions for sexual intercourse. A man can hardly tune in to long sex if he hears strange sounds, is afraid of being caught in an “interesting” process by other people, hurry somewhere or worry about serious problems at work.
  • A strong arousal of a man caused by provocative actions of a partner.
  • Abuse is a substitute for sex, like masturbation. With too much enthusiasm for such a process, a habit of simple action may arise, and sexual intercourse with a woman often ends too quickly because of attachment to another way of obtaining pleasure.

How to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation

It is quite effective to get rid of early ejaculation, a number of ways help:

  • Treatment with the help of anti-inflammatory and other drugs of male ailments, which caused a decrease in the duration of intimate contact. If you cure prostatitis or vesiculitis, the question of how to get rid of premature ejaculation is often solved by itself.
  • The use of special sprays or gels designed to quickly reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Such drugs are applied externally and allow to normalize the duration of sexual intercourse for the next 30-50 minutes after their application. So, if you buy lidocaine spray, you can delay the onset of ejaculation for at least a few minutes.

The main active substance of the drug is lidocaine – a substance used in medicine for analgesia. Along with the disappearance of pain, the sensitivity of the skin at the application site also decreases: it is this property that is the basis for the action of the spray with lidocaine stud. The drug should be applied 10 minutes before the onset of contact, after which you can not worry at all about the time of onset of ejaculation. Lidocaine spray does not harm the male body at all, as it is applied externally and does not enter the digestive system.

Men who prefer a longer protection against early ejaculation will be treated with drugs to prolong the intimate contact. The most prescribed drug in Europe to fight premature ejaculation is Dapoxetine. This substance inhibits serotonin in the blood, which helps curb early ejaculation, and also removes the focus on the problem. As a result, the period of intimate contact lengthens four times or more. In Russia, you can buy an effective analogue of Dapoxetine in a pharmacy and quickly get rid of premature ejaculation. The desired duration of sexual intercourse will be guaranteed for several hours after taking the pill.

Surgical manipulation. Reducing the sensitivity of the penis contributes to circumcision of the foreskin, plastic frenum, denervation of the penis and other methods. The need for their application should be discussed with a specialist, not only considering the possible positive effects, but also contraindications, if any.

How to deal with premature ejaculation in the course of intimacy

If there is no possibility to use the saving pill, it is quite possible to use other means to solve the problem, how to prolong the time of sexual intercourse. Extend ejaculation and even increase intimacy by a few minutes can be tried in the following ways:Training the tone of the pelvic muscles involved in intimacy. These muscles regulate not only the strength and duration of the erection, but also the process of urination, so you can feel them, trying to forcefully stop the outflow of urine when you visit the toilet “in a small way.” These are the so-called Kegel exercises for men. With regular exercise, no less than two or three trainings per day, you can train enough “intimate” muscles that you can perform an act of the desired duration without much effort.

The termination of frictions at a time when the ejaculation is felt. Such a pause lasting from a few seconds to one or even two minutes will significantly reduce the degree of stress and continue to continue the sexual act.
The choice of the position at which stimulation of the penis is minimal. The best position for this purpose is the position on the riders, on the side and back with wide apart legs, allowing to make the necessary movements at a relatively slow pace and with minimal friction.

Change the rate of friction. If you do not move the penis very fast, and when the ejaculation approaches, slowing down the pace even more, you can somewhat weaken the degree of excitement and prolong the ejaculation for a while. This simple technique allows you to effectively solve the problem of how to prolong sexual intercourse.
Pressing the penis with your fingers while the ejaculation is about to occur. The squeezing of the member is necessary in the place of transfer of the bridle into the head. This manipulation can be performed by the partner: for this it is necessary to show her what to do and how to do it, and also give a signal during the process about the need to squeeze the penis. You can use other points for this effect: the main thing is that when you press them, the sexual excitement decreases slightly.

Help in deciding how to extend the duration of sexual intercourse will help and psychological techniques. A good effect is the method of distraction: it is enough to concentrate your thoughts in the process of intimate proximity on something completely extraneous, and not directly on a given physiological process. If you ignore the goal to maximally prolong the sexual intercourse, you can achieve even better results than with excessive stress and anxious expectation of another failure.

Normalization of the duration of sexual intercourse with medicamentous or other methods will allow a man not only to improve the quality of intimate relations, but also to learn to own his body better, achieve the expected effect by self-suggestion or by applying certain efforts. As a result, satisfaction with life in general will increase, which is important for both mental and physical health.

What is Harmful Delay Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation during sexual intercourse is not as harmless practice as some men think. From the point of view of evolution, the male organism is specially programmed to as soon as possible to fertilize a woman during intimacy, therefore any interference in this harmonious process is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Due to repeated delay of ejaculation the following negative consequences for the organism are possible:

  • The development of pathological processes in the prostate (signs of prostatitis, prostate cancer, etc.) due to stagnation of blood in this organ.
  • The appearance of painful sensations in the genital area.
  • The appearance of a man’s fear of an early ejaculation.
  • Development of psychological impotence (in rare cases).

It is with regard to the above risks that you should practice special techniques for delaying ejaculation as rarely as possible, and if there is a problem of early ejaculation, it is better to consult a doctor, because the cause of such a violation may be the inflammation of the pelvic organs.

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