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Especially for the convenience of our customers, on our website work - feedback. On this page we are ready to listen to your complaints, suggestions and recommendations on our products and services, as well as the site and the pharmacy as a whole! Always connected, user helpdesk ED-Pillsss.com.



I work as a gynecologist, so sexual health issues are not foreign to me. I have one patient who constantly complains about the sexual dissatisfaction. Because of problems with the potency of her husband intimate life is not going well, no mood, constant irritability, headaches and general weakness. But lately it comes to the reception in a good mood, smiling and enjoying life. I decided to ask what was going on. It turned out everything is simple - intimacy normal. My husband started taking Viagra. The treatment could prolong erections and give sexual satisfaction as husband and wife. To do this before having sex is enough to take only a quarter of a tablet. Typically, the husband does at night. Desire wakes up immediately, and then early in the morning. Inexpressible feeling, my patient says. I want to float and enjoy life. The relationship with her husband became perfect thanks to this drug!

Chronic prostatitis - is like a real sentence for a man! From time to time I come in serious difficulties with carrying out an intimate act. Initially, the erection is quite normal, but it is very difficult to bring the girl to the pleasure of the constant "falling off." I'm sick of shame in front of a constant lover and I on the advice of a friend bought a tablet of Viagra. I Took, went to her friend, and after 50 minutes to fly trousers nearly parted just after the kiss! Such me and it was not in 20 years. Light was a pleasant shock of my ability in the evening, I took the initiative completely. Pleased that the member stood as number: no weakening of erection and other horrific incidents were not. Another plus - an opportunity to reduce rest between bouts. From time to time, now I am using Viagra, for me personally it is great. No problems with the heart and other pobochek that we are intimidated, I did not.

I found it purely by chance on your website, via the Internet. It's expensive, but I decided to try it. I bought one package and decided to test the effectiveness on my body. Was satisfied that the result was not long in coming. My wife remained pleased with his action. The effectiveness of this drug has had a positive effect on my mood. I began to feel more confident and began to pay more attention to my wife. I did not feel the negative consequences of taking Viagra. I think we should continue to take it according to the instructions.

A normal sex life for me is very important, because it affects my mood and gives a lot of strength for fruitful work. Of course, when you're not 20 years old, you start to notice that it's not so easy to be on top, but really want to. To this end, and acquired Viagra.

My son has heart problems. After the operation, he was discharged in a tiny dose of Viagra. It's ridiculous to say, but thanks to this drug the child had a heart rhythm and the dyspnea disappeared. We also developed a side effect-it greatly accelerated the metabolism of the baby. As a result, we did not know what the bloated tummy of a baby is, nor what colic is. Our cardiologist advised us, in case of sharp malfunctions of the heart, to take pores of 0.2 cube of dissolved tablets in water and everything will be fine. Confuses the high price of the drug, which not everyone can afford. Pleases the presence of tablets with different dosages, it is very convenient.