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Probably not in our world is not one person who has not heard or met with the name Viagra at least once! Yes, Yes, because Viagra is not just a marketing brand, it is a world famous brand in every point of our big planet. Blue pill Viagra turned the industry of medicine as a whole and has become the salvation for millions of men suffering from disorders Erectile Dysfunction. The main active ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil, while Viagra is a trademark of Sildenafil which is produced for sale by the American company Pfizer, thanks to which Viagra has gained its popularity among men. "Viagra" - the world's most famous brand of anti-impotence. Viagra is one of the main bestsellers of Pharma-Pfizer Corporation.

• Few people know, but initially, Sildenafil was developed to treat the problems with blood flow in the region of the heart, the drug was intended for core. But clinical trials have found that most of the blood flow passes into the pelvic area.

In this regard, Sildenafil changed its treatment profile and since 1992 began to be produced in the form of tablets for the treatment, prevention of impotence and erectile dysfunction due to the abundant flow of blood to the penis, which allows to restore the erection in its full manifestation.

How Viagra Appeared

Pfizer chemists synthesized the active ingredient of Viagra - Sildenafil in the laboratory of the English city of Sandwich. At first they thought that the new drug would be useful for the treatment of angina pectoris and other diseases associated with poor blood circulation. But during clinical trials it turned out that the problems with erection sildenafil solves much better, and the test participants do not want to part with the pills. In 1996, Pfizer patented sildenafil as a drug for erectile dysfunction, Packed it in blue tablets and called it "Viagra". According to legend, the name came from two words: Vigor (power, energy) and Niagara.

In the US the drug has become available in two years, after checking the FDA (the Office of the Ministry of health of the USA on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines). The medicine was only sold by prescription. During the first week of sales, doctors wrote 247,666 prescriptions for Viagra. In 2000, 90% of sales of drugs to improve potency in the world accounted for this brand.

How Viagra Works?

The action of the drug is aimed at affecting the male body, by a rush of blood. When receiving Viagra gets into the blood and begins its work, which is the impact on the penis, which, with proper sexual stimulation, goes into an erogenous position. That is, if you bought Viagra online and just washed down with water, it is pointless to wait for the effect, since stimulation is needed, the man should be excited. As with erectile dysfunction or impotence, the drug itself will not be useful without proper treatment, of course it depends on the type of problem. Viagra itself is a very effective drug, but much depends on the degree of the disease, as well as on the human body. When taking desirable to consult with an experienced physician.

When buying Viagra you should clearly understand that contrary to popular belief, Viagra is not inherently an aphrodisiac. That is, the effect of the drug is aimed at increasing the flow of blood to the genitals, which causes an erection when the drug is applied. But it does not affect the sexual desire or passion for male libido and of course Viagra is not what does not excite, so your body must respond to the excitement, which is already from the signals of your brain and nervous system. Viagra on the direct effect with the proper excitation by a strong and prolonged erection.

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Myths about viagra that it's time to stop believing!
Every man has a moment when the barrel misfires. It's sad, but that's life. If you haven't done it yet, wait. Single punctures are considered normal and can occur due to various factors: tired at work,overworked, drunk, and so on. But if your friend doesn't get up too often, you should take action. Start eating right, increase your physical activity, do exercises to increase potency, in the end.
If nothing helped, then the most effective option remains — pills to increase potency. For many men, these drugs are strongly associated with a lot of stereotypes, prejudices and myths, which often have nothing to do with reality.

Prescription is not required

Buy Viagra like any other medication is easy and simple. You don't need a special doctor's prescription. But before taking the pills, be sure to consult your doctor.


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Viagra doesn't increase your sex drive, it just helps keep your friend in shape. You won't RUB your jeans against all the corners, but if you get aroused, everything will work out as it should.
After receiving the member gets up with the speed of an upgraded missile DEFENSE system first, it should take some time. The full effect of the drug occurs in 30-40 minutes. The penis itself does not stand up. But when you get excited, you go up like an Elevator in a skyscraper. An erection comes from arousal, not from pills.
Unfortunately, 20% of erections do not occur. For serious diseases, such as fibrosis of the cavernous bodies of the penis. In such cases, you need to be treated. In addition, some types of viagra do not go well with alcohol, tobacco, or fatty foods.

Indications for Application

Full indication of the application you can read buying Viagra online, as each pack of tablets has a full description, here we describe the most important and common factors. First Viagra (Sildenafil) is intended only for men! Second, for men who have reached the age of majority is 18 years. In particular, for men who have been found or have some symptoms of erectile dysfunction, regardless of the origin of the disease. Also, this drug is advised by doctors in case of damage to the vessels of the penis or vessels leading to it, this definition applies to damage or malaise of the nerves of the penis. This is with regard to certain diseases, but there were also frequent cases when men who consider themselves healthy and do not have obvious health problems, bought a Vigara, and then used for several times and felt the functionality of their erection, which may indicate possible potential problems, which he did not know before using the drug.

Fakes Viagra

Viagra is one of the most counterfeited drugs in the world. Pfizer conducted a study and found that about 80% of sites selling Viagra actually sell fakes. Fakes not only drop the sale of the original drug, but also greatly spoil the reputation of the pharmaceutical Corporation and the health of those who saved. To achieve the characteristic blue color of the tablets, the creators of fakes use ink, which is filled with printers, or ordinary paint, not intended for consumption. In fake viagra repeatedly found amphetamines, boric acid, talc and even rat poison.

• Be very careful and before you buy Viagra online, carefully choose the sites and pharmacies that sell Viagra!!!

In 2007, the British pharmacy chain Boots began a trial sale of Viagra without a prescription in Manchester stores. Men 30-65 years could buy only four tablets and only after an hour consultation with the pharmacist. The experiment was local and short-lived. Pfizer 10 years did not stop trying to achieve a free sale of "Viagra" in the UK and most recently she succeeded. The UK became the first country in the world where since 2018 impotence pills can be bought without a prescription.

Before Using the Drug

We recommend that you contact a professional doctor, it can be a sex therapist or a highly qualified urologist, because you have to understand that Viagra is a medical drug and that would avoid any side effects, medical advice can keep your health!

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Viagra appeared in 1998, and at that time pills were really expensive. Now technologies have changed a lot: in addition to the classic viagra, similar drugs have appeared: generics that have a slightly modified composition from the patented one are cheaper, but the effect is the same. For example, in addition to the classic Viagra, you can buy cialis and Levitra, which improve potency, from the store. Tablets have similar properties as the famous originals, but are cheaper due to the fact that they are made in India.
Young guys are also quite often faced with a lack of potency, and the reasons can be a lot: from banal stress, poor nutrition, bad habits and ending with diseases of the sexual system, the syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure or depression. But before you take viagra, try to activate the potency yourself: ride a bike, do special physical exercises (squats, lunges, "bike"), eat right and do not drink alcohol. If it doesn't help, switch to pills: there's absolutely nothing shameful about it, no matter how young you are.

Taking Viagra

The dosage of Viagra is selected individually depending on the severity of the disease. The standard dosage of Viagra tablets starts from 25 mg 50 mg and 100 mg. When taking Viagra there are some rules:

  • Take one tablet approximately within an hour before the intended sexual intercourse;
  • The effect of the drug will last up to 4-5 hours;
  • Useful life hack, take a tablet of Viagra before eating and it will act much faster;
  • Remember that you should not abuse the drug and take more than once a day;

The most optimal and understandable way of taking is that you try the minimum dosage and, depending on the effect of the drug, increase the dosage, or stay on the one with which you are comfortable.

Precautionary Measures

First of all, the drug Viagra should not be taken by persons under the age of majority. It is also necessary to approach with caution to taking blue tablets are men with obvious signs of cardiovascular disease. This includes diseases such as:

  • Heart failure;
  • For any pain in the heart;
  • Diseases of the penis;

A more complete list of diseases, you can read the brochure inside the packaging of Viagra or get after consulting a doctor.

Additional Information

Viagra tablets do not in any way affect the function of reproduction, that is, if there are problems with conceiving a child, Viagra can help only if the problem is in violation of an erection. It was also proven by the lack of effect of the drug on the quality of semen, as well as the number of active sperm in the male body.

• There is an opinion that people who take Viagra on duty, after they stop taking the drug, become dependent on it, I hasten to disappoint you, but this is a myth! It has long been known and proven that Viagra can be prescribed for several times, as well as with long-term treatment and no problems with the abolition of the drug is not noted...

What is the impact of the drug on healthy people? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not have problems with erection, but you decide to start taking the drug Viagra, then you will also feel the effect of the drug, perhaps not fully, but one of the obvious advantages is that, Viagra will help restore your strength and energy after orgasm for a short time.

The Right Purchase

If you are on this site and read up to this point, it means clearly that you are interested in what would buy Viagra online. Our site is exactly what you need, because our network of pharmacies has been working around the world for almost twenty years, we are the largest supplier of medical goods not only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but also other drugs. Quality assurance, the fastest delivery, individual approach to each client, discounts and much more! You need to click on the "Buy Now" button at the top of the screen and you will be taken to our pharmacy. And remember buying Viagra online you buy new unforgettable experience and most importantly health! You are always welcome to the team