And After the Uprising…

— WE TALKED ABOUT THE FACT THAT ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION COMES WITH AGE. BUT MORE OFTEN THE PLOT OF MOVIES, TV SERIES, BOOKS ARE ERECTION PROBLEMS AT FIRST CONTACT. Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Of course, this can happen in such circumstances, because the teenager or young person at this time is very excited and excited […]

On Sexual Maturation: From the Womb to Retirement

— THE LONGER WE TALK, THE MORE CONVINCED I AM THAT OUR SEX LIFE BEGINS LONG BEFORE WE HAVE SEX. WHAT DOES SEXUAL MATURATION LOOK LIKE — STEP BY STEP? The first stage – from birth to nine years. At this time, the genitals are still children, the length of the penis is about three […]

Sex is not a sport or My first time

— WE ENDED THE LAST CHAPTER BY TALKING ABOUT HOW GROWING UP HAS A DECISIVE IMPACT ON OUR SEX LIVES. AND WHAT EFFECT DOES THE FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE HAVE ON HER? — Back to the Madonna-Whore syndrome we talked about in the Chapter on male shame. Add that to the Harlot, contrary to the everyday […]