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Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

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Viagra Soft Flavoured

This is a proven medicine that it is effective to use when you need to have instant erection and pleasure in your sexual intercourse. Viagra Soft Flavoured is soft and easily be dissolved in the blood stream as compared to the other Viagra medicine and give the best reactions in the body. It is not a hard thing to get erected by the use of Viagra Soft Flavoured. All you need to ensure that you are stress-free and very aroused to be in the physical intercourse with the partner. This is a stimulus to give you an erection, not an arousal, there are some certain timings and conditions where things will be different and you might not get the proper effect of the medicine.

Uses and Directions

Following are the direction you need to follow when you are using the Viagra Soft Flavoured to treat the erectile dysfunction:

  • Take medicine according to the prescription by the doctor or mentions on the label.
  • Do not take more than one pill at a time.
  • There should be a duration interval of 24 hours minimum in between the two intakes of the medicine.
  • Do not crush or break the pill and take it as it is.
  • Do not take the pill with any kind of beverages or alcoholic drink, have it with plain water.
  • Take the pill at least 1 hour before sexual activity.
  • In case of overdose make sure to get the medical aid instantly and ask your doctor about the instant remedies.
  • The medicine is not for the use of below 18, not everyone should take the pill without any trouble.
  • Do not use the pill excessively as it can even harm you to the larger extent.
  • Take maximum water and eat healthy food when you are taking the pill more often this will reduce the chances of side effects and lets your body have a proper regulation of blood.
  • In the case of feeling comfortable after using the pill immediately contact your doctor.

Safety Information

There is some of the safety, precautions that you need to consider before taking medicine:

If you are using the nitrate medicine or any other medicine to treat the dysfunction then do not take Viagra Soft Flavoured at all.

If you are suffering from the following problems then using Viagra Soft Flavoured can be harmful to you:

  • Liver or kidney problems.
  • Cardiac issues.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Diabetics.
  • Eyesight problems and others.

It is important for your doctor to know about your previous history when he is treating your sexual dysfunction. Let you doctor know about all your infections, disease, allergies, and other reactions you receive from different things. Make sure you will select some other healthy methods to treat the dysfunction problem and do not rely on Viagra Soft Flavoured completely.

After Effects or Reactions

All the medicine that you use does have some of the side effects but it is not necessary that all the medicine is that much harmful. If you are prescribed with any medicine then it means it is safe for you but the most important thing you need to focus on is the recommendations and precautions of the medicine. It is important for you to avoid all the reactive materials to the medicine in order to get only the best results and no side effects at all. Here are some of the possible side effects that can hit the users but only if he will not follow the schedules restrictions of use.

  • Liver or kidney problems;
  • Fast and rapid heart rate;
  • Blood pressure problems;
  • Increased pulse rate and breathing;
  • Dizziness and headache along with nausea;
  • Chest plan, jaw pain and stretching;
  • Diarrhea and stomach upset;
  • Hearing problems such as ringing;
  • Sudden blurriness in eyes or sight effects.

These are the possible recorded side effects, it is not necessary that every user will have to face them. some of the users could have some other side effects such as swelling, prolonged or painful erection, rehashes and others problems as well. It all depends on the condition of the user. In the case of any of these reactions or any other problems while using Viagra Soft Flavoured, consult your doctor immediately.

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About Viagra
Blue pill Viagra turned the industry of medicine as a whole and has become the salvation for millions of men suffering from disorders Erectile Dysfunction. The main active ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil, while Viagra is a trademark of Sildenafil which is produced for sale by the American company Pfizer, thanks to which Viagra has gained its popularity among men. "Viagra" - the world's most famous brand of anti-impotence read more.

Special Recommendations

When using the Viagra Soft Flavoured you need to remember the following things:

  • Male sexual arousal is all about a combined working of psychological factors along with the physical one, Viagra is not responsible for the sexual arousal in the body it only treats the physical factors.
  • One of the major reasons for the erectile dysfunction is the mental unrest; this cannot be treated by Viagra Soft Flavoured. To get over the situation it is important for the person to treat the stress conditions effectively and match up with the other things as well.
  • Along with the physical medication, you need to get some of the other psychological treatments and help that will help you to make things better.
  • Make sure to discuss all your problems with your doctor when you face the dysfunction and then get a complete prescription from him.
  • It is good to let your doctor know about all your medications whether prescribed or self-prescribed you are suing right now.
  • Share your history of allergies, medications and disease such as cardiac problems, kidney or liver infection, Sight infection and others with your doctor.
  • By the help of your previous medical history, it will be easy for the doctor to evaluate the reasons for dysfunction and help to treat them effectively as well.
  • The next major step you need to take after starting up with the Viagra Soft Flavoured is to maintain a healthy routine of exercise and healthy diet that will help you to ensure the better lifestyle.
  • Quit the use of alcohol and smoking if you want to recover from the dysfunction as soon as possible.


To store the Viagra Soft Flavoured there is a complete storage room is required but that is important for the wholesale suppliers. For the customer, there is a specified and licensed amount of Viagra is allowed to order or store as well. You need to make sure that you are storing only the required number of pills so there will not be chances of loss later on. Do not stock too much that it is wasted with the passage of time.

To store the medicine properly at your place following are the major instructions you need to consider:

  • Keep the medicine in the cool and dry place.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight or extreme temperature.
  • Moisture can damage the pills badly.
  • Keep it safe in the medicine box, do not choose the bathroom compartment to store the pills as this is not a good idea.
  • Make sure you will not have an excess of pills at your place.
  • Keep the pills out of reach of the kids and pets as well.

It is important to take god care of our medicine and make sure it will not be sued by the non-patient at any cost. N case of any wasted product that is expired or exposed to moisture or something that left it rotten and you cannot consume it. Then make sure to disposes of it off properly according to the instructions on the label so it will not harm anyone else in the environment around you.

Where to Buy

When you have a doctor’s prescription of the medicine then it is always safe to get any medicine whether it is Viagra Soft Flavoured or any other. You have to make sure that you will have a prescription in your hand when you will visit the pharmacy to get the medicine. If you will not have the prescription then you might have to answer a number of doubts about it. Commonly, people are hesitant to ask for the Viagra Soft Flavoured because this is something extremely personal and no one wants to expose the facts about the erectile dysfunction in the body. Therefore, the best marketplace to get the medicine is the online one that is all the time available for you. The best thing about getting the Viagra Soft Flavoured online is the availability of original product on an international scale you can access the company directly and will get the best response as well. Along with that, you will not have to go for the face-to-face transactions. It will be the matter of clicks, not the buyer neither the seller knows neither each other nor it is just a computer screen, product, IP address and delivery is done along with payment. That why a number of users all over the world prefer to have the online shopping for the Viagra Soft Flavoured and other such medicines.