A few common misconceptions

A few common misconceptions

From ancient times to the present day phallus is a symbol of power, strength, superiority. Let’s remember the ancient Greek God Priap – the God of fertility of people, animals and the earth. His huge phallus was deified. And today, the size of the phallus is associated with many misconceptions. Every man from childhood to old age is concerned about the same question: “Is my penis large enough?”An interesting example from my practice. I was approached by an elderly woman with a request to accept her 44-year-old son, who several times tried to commit suicide. With mother son Frank. The reason is a small penis. He was never married or close to a woman. A man, I’ll call Him K., came to see me. He is healthy, the genitals are normally developed, the penis in a calm state had a length of 7.7 cm, a circle of 8.4 cm; in the state of erection it increased to 12 cm (length) and 12.1 cm (circumference). Even in adolescence, peers convinced him that his penis is “dwarf”, and it left an indelible mark on life. I was able to explain that he is a normal man and that his penis is normal. A few months later, I witnessed his wedding. His wife of 31 years, their life (including sex!) it was a success, two children were born. Wife almost regularly experienced orgasm during sex.

Another common misconception. Only a man-the owner of a large penis is able to satisfy a woman. Not at all! I conducted a special study of 114 sexually active healthy men between the ages of 17 and 25. In 98 of them, the size of the penis at rest ranged from 7 to 11.5 cm (length) and from 8 to 13 cm (circumference), in the erect – respectively from 7.4 to 17.5 cm and from 9.8 to 14.1 cm. Only four men had an erect penis shorter than 7.4 cm and two longer than 17.5 cm. It is important that the erection largely equalizes the size of the penis. A smaller penis with an erection is relatively larger than a larger penis. Only with the length of the penis in a calm state less than 5 cm can there be difficulties.

The porn industry has developed another stereotype: black men are sexual giants and owners of huge penises. In fact, this is not the case. I had the opportunity to study the size of penises in 22 black students between the ages of 18 and 26. The dimensions were no different from those I found in European men.

Attention! The size of the penis does not affect the potency of a man and his ability to deliver sexual satisfaction to a woman.

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