Monologues of the penis, or Let it speak

I asked several hundred clients of my CBTseksuolog consultation to answer a short question: “What would your penis say if it could talk?” Next, I suggested that they write down their answers if they wanted to. It seems to be a simple question, but the reaction was very different. From laughter to feelings of shame […]

Why do men cheat?

THEY SAY YOU CAN DIE DURING SEX. — In sexology, there is a concept of sweet death — death during sexual intercourse. Interestingly, there is no recorded case where a person would have died during sex with his wife. But there are many cases when a man (usually no longer young) died a sweet death […]

Homo pornograficis, or how redtubes and tenders are changing us

PORNOGRAPHY IS NOW MORE WIDESPREAD AND ACCESSIBLE THAN EVER BEFORE. HOW DOES IT AFFECT OUR SEX LIFE? Pornography not only encodes us for certain sexual preferences, but also is responsible for the emergence of various false myths, for example, concerning the length of the penis or the duration of the act. No one takes into […]

What do I do if I don’t want to?

WHY DO WE NEED FOREPLAY? — From the moment of flirting, the vagina needs from ten to twenty minutes with a penny to expand, moisturize and ” hug ” the penis. Earlier attempts at penetration can end in pain for the partner when we try to stick a few centimeter penis into her unexcited, several […]

And After the Uprising…

— WE TALKED ABOUT THE FACT THAT ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION COMES WITH AGE. BUT MORE OFTEN THE PLOT OF MOVIES, TV SERIES, BOOKS ARE ERECTION PROBLEMS AT FIRST CONTACT. Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Of course, this can happen in such circumstances, because the teenager or young person at this time is very excited and excited […]