Depression (from lat. deprimo – crush, suppress) is a very common psychological disturbance. Men are more likely to be depressed than women. Every man, especially after 50 years, at least once in his life experienced this condition. About 12 % of men over 50 suffer from depression. Most often, depression occurs as a result of severe stress or chronic distress. Depression is more common in single men. Very likely depression as a result of the loss of his wife or loved one. Any loss can cause depression. It’s retirement, job loss, professional failure. Loss of self-esteem is an important cause of depression. Much less depression occurs for no apparent reason. A man in a state of depression is immersed in himself, he loses interest in life, becomes emotionally deaf. Studies in recent years have shown that depression reduces the level of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. Depression often occurs in late autumn and winter. In many cases, depression is the cause of alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills or sedatives (tranquilizers). Many men use tranquilizers all the time.

The main symptoms of depression:

• depressed mood (two weeks or more);

loss of interest and lack of pleasure from actions that previously brought joy;

• fast fatigability.

Additional symptom:

• pessimism;

• low self-esteem;

• anxiety, fear;

• unreasonable sense of guilt, of worthlessness;

• inability to concentrate;

• fear of making decisions;

• reduced or increased appetite;

• disturbed sleep;

• thoughts of death or suicide.

In a state of depression, a man experiences a sense of despair, sadness, fatigue. As a rule, the ability to concentrate, interest in communication is lost. A man loses self-respect, constantly searching for their mistakes, am confident in his mediocrity, uselessness. Depression is often insomnia, constipation, loss of appetite. One of the major complications of depression is the loss of libido and a sharp decrease in potency.

Many men choose the easiest and most affordable way to overcome depression – alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. In depression, there are thoughts of suicide.

If you have any signs of depression, do not be afraid to talk about it with loved ones. Not hesitate. Refer to an experienced psychotherapist, psychoanalyst. Remember – depression can be defeated.

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