Mental Health

This section analyzes the General issues of the male psyche, personality structure, emotional health and well-being, some of the most common problems of borderline disorders (stress, depression). We do not describe mental illness because it is beyond the scope of this book. They are the subject of special science of psychiatry and should not be […]

Health, well-being, happiness

For centuries, “health” has meant the absence of disease. In 1946, the world health organization (who) adopted a fundamentally new definition. Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity” (who Constitution, 1946). Close to this is the definition given in the English medical dictionary […]

Endocrine glands

Endocrine glands-are deprived of the excretory ducts of the gland, which produce hormones (from buckwheat. hormao-encourage, set in motion) and secrete them into the blood or lymph. Blood carries hormones and delivers them to organs, tissues, cells. Hormones regulate metabolism, cell reproduction, the body’s response to constant changes in environmental conditions. The main function of […]

Blood is a very special juice

These words of The great writer, poet, scientist I. V. Goethe are consonant with the Bible: “Blood is the soul of man“. After all, human life is connected with blood and depends on blood. Blood circulates in blood vessels, it delivers all the necessary cells and tissues (including oxygen, nutrients, hormones, etc.) and, last but […]

Lymphoid system

Hematopoietic and immune system organs One of the basic conditions of human existence is the ability of the body to resist the introduction of infection or other foreign substances. This function is performed by the protective system. Immunity (from lat. immunitas – exemption from something) is a protection against any foreign substance, including its own […]

Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system – a complex of the vessels, which carry with lymph from tissue fluid into the blood stream electrolytes, water, proteins, etc. the Lymphatic system consists of branched organs and tissues lymphatic capillaries (lymphoepithelial), impacability networks, lymphatic vessels, trunks and ducts. Along the route of lymphatic vessels lie lymph nodes related to the immune […]

Cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular system The cardiovascular system combines the heart and blood vessels, forming two circles of blood circulation: large and small. The cardiovascular system transports blood throughout the human body, supplying oxygen and nutrients to cells, tissues and carrying away their waste products. The heart has always, at all times been considered and is considered the […]

A few common misconceptions

A few common misconceptions From ancient times to the present day phallus is a symbol of power, strength, superiority. Let’s remember the ancient Greek God Priap – the God of fertility of people, animals and the earth. His huge phallus was deified. And today, the size of the phallus is associated with many misconceptions. Every […]

Chapter 1. The body is a repository of the spirit

Chapter 1. The body is a repository of the spirit The mind is gifted and the thought is rich, A repository of the spirit and mind he, And the wordless world is under his command. Firdowsi. The General principles of the structure The personality of man is concentrated in his living material body. Outside the […]

A healthy man in your home

A Healthy Man in Your Home Part 1 Every man wants to be strong and healthy, but most believe that health will come in itself, that it depends on the state of health, the level of medicine, from the state. Very few men are willing to work hard to be healthy. At the heart of […]