On Sexual Maturation: From the Womb to Retirement

— THE LONGER WE TALK, THE MORE CONVINCED I AM THAT OUR SEX LIFE BEGINS LONG BEFORE WE HAVE SEX. WHAT DOES SEXUAL MATURATION LOOK LIKE — STEP BY STEP? The first stage – from birth to nine years. At this time, the genitals are still children, the length of the penis is about three […]

Sex is not a sport or My first time

— WE ENDED THE LAST CHAPTER BY TALKING ABOUT HOW GROWING UP HAS A DECISIVE IMPACT ON OUR SEX LIVES. AND WHAT EFFECT DOES THE FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE HAVE ON HER? — Back to the Madonna-Whore syndrome we talked about in the Chapter on male shame. Add that to the Harlot, contrary to the everyday […]

Mathematics and Visual Art in Sex

— HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?” — At the age of 16, when “adult” sexuality begins, a man needs little incentive to get excited and want sex. For example, there was a cute classmate – one visual stimulus. She smiled at him — he takes it as an interest in himself — that’s two incentives in […]