Sex is not a sport or My first time

— WE ENDED THE LAST CHAPTER BY TALKING ABOUT HOW GROWING UP HAS A DECISIVE IMPACT ON OUR SEX LIVES. AND WHAT EFFECT DOES THE FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE HAVE ON HER? — Back to the Madonna-Whore syndrome we talked about in the Chapter on male shame. Add that to the Harlot, contrary to the everyday […]

Mathematics and Visual Art in Sex

— HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?” — At the age of 16, when “adult” sexuality begins, a man needs little incentive to get excited and want sex. For example, there was a cute classmate – one visual stimulus. She smiled at him — he takes it as an interest in himself — that’s two incentives in […]

Where do sexual fantasies come from?

DOES EVERYONE HAVE SEXUAL FANTASIES? Ordinary fantasies, dreams appear in a person much earlier than the actual sexual fantasies. For some, fantasy is a defense mechanism. One patient of mine grew up in a dysfunctional family and often imagined that some day her real, good parents would come along and apologize for leaving her with […]

Fifty-four minutes every three days, or How the penis works

MANY MEN WOULD WANT AN ERECTION HAPPENED AT THE FIRST REQUEST… — Erection does not depend on our will. This is very important, and few men are aware of this. An erection is a reaction to psychological and sensory stimuli that reach the brain. Only from here the signal goes to the spinal cord. Under […]

Anatomy of the Penis

— UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, I LOOK AT THEM, AS EVERY MAN, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. — Close enough? I suppose not at all. For example, men often think that as a child they had some kind of genital injury, as a result of which they had surgery. You know, down through the testicles and the […]

33 centimeters Rasputin, or the Size of the matters

— YOU ONCE SAID THAT THREE QUARTERS OF MEN BELIEVED THAT THEY ARE TOO SMALL. — Yes, and it’s very interesting, because phrenology — pseudoscience, defining character traits based on the shape of the skull, lived very long. Scientists eventually announced that the shape of the skull, whatever it was, absolutely nothing says. While it […]

On the men’s shame

— WHAT IS MOST ASHAMED OF MEN? — First of all, that may be a weak sex machine that does not meet the standards. — THERE ARE RULES? — A lot of men think that. They are convinced that male sexuality is like a perpetual motion machine. Yes, it is true that at the age […]

Stop running away from problems

— WHAT PROBLEMS MEN COME TO THE SEXOLOGIST? — In the first place I would call fear of action. It comes from an increasingly pervasive approach to life as an endless exam in which you constantly need to score a certain number of points. In second place — the dependence on porn and Masturbation. The […]