Early ejaculation, like erectile dysfunction, is a very common sexual disorder. It consists in the fact that orgasm and ejaculation occur at the very beginning of sexual intercourse or even before the man inserts the penis into the vagina.

Both partners suffer from premature ejaculation. A woman is disappointed that she did not have time to enjoy herself, and a man is disappointed that he did not manage to conduct a full – fledged sexual act. In addition, he may experience fear from the knowledge that his body’s reactions are “out of control”. To top off the negative picture of what is happening, many women do not even try to hide their disappointment, thereby increasing the experience of a man. And in the case of a repetition of this phenomenon, with each sexual intimacy between partners, a conflict arises that can lead to other sexual problems, in particular, the complete loss of a woman’s interest in intimate life.

The duration of sexual intercourse is strictly individual, but half of the patients of sex therapists complain of premature ejaculation. Such an assessment of one’s own capabilities is highly subjective. Representatives of the stronger sex are prone to excessive concern both about the quality of an erection and about the duration of sexual intercourse.

If you rely on the opinion of doctors, then the average sexual intimacy from the moment of insertion of the penis into the vagina to the onset of ejaculation is from 1.5 to 4.5 minutes. If the sexual act was preceded by caresses and the partner was sufficiently excited, during this time she also reaches orgasm. Thus, short can be called sexual contact that lasted less than 1.5 minutes, and early is considered ejaculation, which occurred 30 seconds after the start of intercourse. Another criterion for assessing the timeliness of ejaculation is the number of frictions. If there are less than 30 of them, then what happened after that ejaculation can be considered early.

However, these ratings may not reflect the feelings that the partner receives (or does not receive) during intimacy. And even the longest sexual intercourse does not guarantee that a woman will eventually experience an orgasm.

In some cases, the peak state may occur within a minute after the beginning of sexual intimacy, and in others, the partner will not get pleasure even after 4-5 minutes.

Therefore, a man’s fears about early ejaculation are often based only on the fact that his sexual partner does not have time to reach orgasm during intimacy. In such cases, patients begin to use means that prolong sexual intercourse – special ointments or sprays.

The lack of a female orgasm can make even men who are able to conduct sexual contacts lasting 10 minutes or more doubt their abilities.

Accelerated ejaculation is most often observed in young men or adolescents who do not have sufficient experience of sexual life. Experiencing nervous overexcitation and having an increased sensitivity of the receptors of the penis head, young men can get an orgasm after 3-5 frictions and even before the penis is inserted into the vagina.

Later, when their intimate experience is sufficient, the duration of sexual acts will increase. Nevertheless, the first failure sometimes causes extreme stress, which has a detrimental effect on future sexual relationships.

It is difficult to answer the question of how common early ejaculation is in adults: the data of sociological studies differ greatly.

According to some sources, accelerated ejaculation is familiar to 40 % of men, according to others-about 70 %.

However, there is an interesting pattern here: people with higher education suffer from this disorder more often than those who did not receive it.

Doctors suggest that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the desire of a highly educated person to deliver maximum pleasure to his partner. Actually, because of this, this group of men is more susceptible to worries about their sexual capabilities.
Previously, ejaculation can become reflex if the first sexual acts took place in an inappropriate environment, for example, required the fastest possible completion.

This adolescent habit often turns out to be very persistent and further negatively affects the duration of sexual contact in an adult man. Accelerated ejaculation can also occur as a result of youthful masturbation, if the boy was afraid of being caught off guard.

Early ejaculation often occurs also at the time of resumption of sexual contacts after prolonged abstinence. In this case, increased arousal can accelerate the onset of orgasm, which causes a man to fear about the loss of potency or the development of the disease. Often, this phenomenon becomes a reason for further abstinence from sexual contact. The man diligently delays a new intimacy, trying to restore the “wasted strength”.

And when he finally decides to perform sexual intercourse, ejaculation occurs even faster. As a result, a man becomes a hostage to his own insecurities and fears. A series of sexual acts performed at short intervals helps to get out of the vicious circle. At the same time, the activity of the nerve centers responsible for ejaculation has time to normalize, and the duration of sexual contacts gradually increases.

In addition to purely male problems, early ejaculation can be triggered by too active behavior of the partner. But in such a situation, the best advisers
there is mutual trust and attention. Only the partners themselves are able to decide whether a woman needs to restrain her emotions or should look for another way out of this situation.

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