Treatment of Impotence

Treatment of Impotence

According to historical tradition, the term “impotence” is called the state of male sexual impotence. According to the ideas of modern medicine, impotence is the inability to maintain an erection sufficient for one’s own sexual satisfaction and the satisfaction of the partner.

According to historical tradition, the term “impotence” is called the state of male sexual impotence.

According to the ideas of modern medicine, impotence is the inability to maintain an erection sufficient for one’s own sexual satisfaction and the satisfaction of the partner.

For erectile dysfunction there are no age limits: it can appear in 20 and 30 years. In patients 40 years and older erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently. The percentage of patients who have already faced this problem is calculated by a convenient formula: 40-year-old men revealed 40% with this disease, 50-year-old-50%, 60-year-old-60%, etc.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction are great many, but its manifestations are reduced to several categories:

1) Insufficient erect penis; insufficient erection is always due to poor blood supply: it is either excessive venous leakage of blood (outflow from the penis), or insufficient blood flow to the penis, i.e. it is a violation of the balance of blood supply to the penis. Both means that there are problems with the vessels of the penis.

To identify the picture of the blood supply to the genital organ, a Doppler scan of the genital organ is prescribed-a modern and painless diagnostic method. Doppler scan data is very informative, and the diseases of blood vessels detected with its help are completely curable.

2) Hormonal failure. Most often, this means that in the male body “spree hormone” prolactin or decreased levels of the hormone testesterone. Prolactin-a hormone that must be present in the male body, but only strictly normal – in a very limited amount, because it is a female hormone.

If its values in the male body are significantly exceeded, the cause should be sought in the pituitary gland (it can be tumors, injuries (concussion of the brain), taking drugs, Smoking and other factors) or in liver disorders.

Testosterone-the main male hormone – can be reduced from physical fatigue, stress and many other reasons.

To identify hormonal causes require a detailed examination-blood tests for hormones.

Hormonal problems are also quite treatable, but will require strict adherence to medical prescriptions and follow-up of the andrologist for several months.

3) Urological reasons. These are all kinds of inflammation of the genitourinary sphere-prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, STDs and much more.

Inflammation of the genitourinary sphere is very common, and the method of their treatment is very diverse. It includes both traditional therapeutic treatment and hardware technique – laser and ultrasound treatment.

4) Neurological causes-pain of different origin, spinal cord injury, surgery.

Treatment therapeutic and hardware.

5) Psychogenic causes. Common causes of impotence-they are due to frequent stress and fatigue, the scourge of our time.

Psychogenic causes are removed during a course of psychotherapeutic conversations with the patient.

In addition, a very serious reason for impotence are the wrong way of life (without exercise, irrational nutrition, etc.).

This category include extremely harmful to male health habits:

1) Self – treatment; the worst thing a doctor can hear is “I, the doctor, have been treated for a long time.” This means that the patient either ” googled the problem “or referred to some”folk remedies”. The result of such treatment is inevitably a neglected form of the disease, which in practice means that the doctor will have to overcome the consequences of such treatment.

2) Violations of a night’s sleep;

3) Wearing harmful underwear.

4) Ignoring by the majority of men of disturbing symptoms until the last moment.

Important reminder: if in our clinic the patient refers to a highly qualified andrologist, then to any other doctor it will not be sent: there is a method of “one window”. All manifestations of disorders of the urogenital sphere is engaged in the doctor-andrologist.

Early Symptoms

At first the early symptoms you should stay a little longer.

Even a slight weakening of sexual desire and the completeness and brightness of sexual intercourse (even temporarily) is unspoken, but makes you wary symptom. If it is added to the subconscious desire to avoid or postpone sexual contact, it is a clear symptom.

In General, the classic early symptoms are considered to be:

1) Weak erection,

2) Lack of erection,

3) Reducing the number of sexual acts.

However, on the basis of daily practice, doctors came to the conclusion that any moments that somehow drew attention to themselves in sex, it is useful to discuss with the doctor: earlier treatment is an early cure. Early access to the andrologist always helps to stop the disease at the very beginning.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The choice of the method of treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction) depends on the causes that caused it, and always implies a cure for the root cause of this phenomenon.

1) In 95% of cases, it is possible to restore potency as a result of taking drugs (without surgery);

2) Treatment of vascular disorders by prescribing medications that improve blood flow to the penis;

3) If erectile dysfunction is pronounced and is caused by excessive outflow of venous blood from the penis, surgery is prescribed – dressing of some veins of the penis, which restores blood metabolism.

Dressing is carried out with the use of anesthetics, and therefore painless. Subsequently, the patient does not feel any pain symptoms or inconveniences.

4) Treatment of hormonal disorders:

a) Hormone replacement therapy to help normalize testosterone production;

b) Blocking the production of female sex hormones.

The appointment of hormonal treatment requires a doctor of high qualification, extensive experience and erudition.

Prognosis hormone treatment – positive;

5) Treatment of urological diseases (e.g., chron. prostatitis's.)

6) In complex forms of erectile disorder recommended surgery – penile prosthesis. Into the penis implant the modern prosthetic can only identify the physician (to identify the prosthesis as the prosthesis). For a stranger, the prosthesis is completely invisible.

The appeal to the andrologist often gives effect after the first visit – in some cases, one visit is enough to normalize sexual life.

It is worth remembering that modern medicine can provide assistance in many previously considered hopeless cases, and the help is so effective, which did not dream of the creators of myths about male power. But for this you need at least to see a qualified doctor.

Treatment of impotence depends on the causes that led to it. To begin with, you always need a survey. Modern medicine has at the moment high-precision and high-tech diagnostic equipment: ultrasound of the cavernous bodies of the penis, testing with the help of penis biotesiometry, Doppler examination, endocrine examination and much more.

Modern medicine categorical absolutely hopeless cases for it now, no. The effectiveness of treatment is on average 95-98%.

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