Vascular Impotence

Vascular Impotence

After 40-45 years, the percentage of men with erectile dysfunction increases significantly. Although at an earlier age, too, there are similar problems. They are divided into two main groups: psychogenic character and impotence of vascular Genesis. We will focus on the second option.

What is it?

Vascular impotence is an organic (non-psychological) form of sexual impotence that occurs in various disorders of the blood supply to the genitals.

To better understand the essence of what is happening, we briefly describe the mechanism of erection. During sexual arousal, the brain sends special signals. They provoke an increased flow of arterial blood to the penis, there is a filling of cavernous bodies with it.the pressure in the body increases many times, it comes to “combat readiness”. At the same time, a mechanism is triggered that inhibits the reverse flow of blood until the logical completion of the process.

For various reasons, the following violations may occur:

  • Insufficient blood supply, even with excitement.
  • Weak operation of the system, inhibiting the outflow. Which means the blood flowing into the organ is decreasing too fast.
  • In both cases, an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse does not occur. So, it is necessary to find and eliminate the causes that caused the problem.

What is dangerous for the health of such a violation?

Impotence itself is not a dangerous condition. But its development may indicate the presence of a more serious illness that can really threaten health.

In addition, the psychological state of patients faced with such a problem is markedly affected. On this basis, can begin a real neurosis and even depression. A man ceases to believe in his strength, there are anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders.

Main features

It is difficult not to notice the development of this dysfunction. If, in the presence of an exciting factor, the erection is very weak or does not occur at all, then this is an occasion to suspect vascular impotence. The alarm bells can also include premature ejaculation (occurring before sexual intercourse) and the absence of involuntary erection at night. The detection of the above – mentioned signs is a serious cause for concern.

What causes this disorder?

Consider the possible causes of deterioration of blood supply to the penis:

  • Atherosclerosis. Provokes narrowing of the lumen of the vessels due to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls. This case is one of the most common.
  • Diabetes.
  • Hypertensive disease.
  • Heart disease. Thus, in ischemic disease and after myocardial infarction, blood flow weakens, which adversely affects the potency.
  • The mechanism of blood injection of the genitals can be broken as a result of injuries in this area.

The above points refer to a weak blood supply. If its inflow is not broken, but the braking of the reverse current does not work, sexual impotence can not be avoided. This situation is provoked:

  • 1. Hereditary physiological expansion of the lumen of the vessels carrying out the outflow.
  • 2. The weakening of smooth muscles of the sphincters veins, responsible for the inhibition of the outflow. This can develop in diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, result in physical injury.
  • 3. Lipidemia.

And also here are age-related changes in the structure of veins in elderly patients.

Risk factor

So, there are many reasons for the development of vascular impotence. But it is worth highlighting the risk factors that provoke the problem. These include:

  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Tobacco Smoking, alcohol abuse.
  • Overweight, unbalanced diet (a large amount of fat, spicy, sweet in the diet).

Hereditary factor also occurs, reflecting the human predisposition to diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes.

Tests and examinations

To find the root cause of organic impotence, the following studies are used:

  • ECG. It detects abnormalities in the heart.
  • General blood test.
  • Check sugar, cholesterol and lipid balance.
  • Ultrasound of the vessels of the genitourinary system.
  • Dopplerography. Clearly reflects violations blood flow. For the greatest accuracy, the procedure is performed twice: in the normal state and after stimulation with vasodilating drugs.

Based on the results, determine the factors that caused dysfunction. Select the optimal course of treatment.

Method of treatment

Appointments will depend directly on the causes of the problem. The main methods are:

Medication. Developed a number of drugs that can restore blood circulation. This includes injections and a tablet form of medication.

Surgery. It is necessary in some cases when conservative methods are powerless. For this purpose, bypass surgery (with a transplant of their own healthy vessels). As well as partial resection (or ligation) of veins responsible for reverse outflow.

Physiotherapy. Auxiliary method of influence. It is advisable to use it as part of a comprehensive treatment. Contributes to the early recovery of the system after interventions of various kinds.

According to statistics, in 90% of cases the problem of impotence of vascular Genesis can be successfully solved (subject to timely examination and treatment).

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