Drugs for Potency: Are They Harmful?

Drugs for potency: are they harmful?

Deciding to discuss with friends such a piquant topic as taking drugs to improve potency, you can hear, for example, that they are more addictive than heroin, so porn actors without a tablet of "Viagra" are not capable of anything at all. Moreover, having drunk before sex a pill, it is possible to die.

The truth is that although the drugs to increase potency and have their contraindications, but these tools are well researched and it is safe if you take them on prescription. But “Amateur” and the desire at any cost to become a” giant of great sex ” can really end in tears.

Drugs for potency and addiction

One of the most common myths about potency – enhancing drugs is that they are addictive. The proof is usually given porn actors who are not able to perform sexual intercourse without pills. However, this is not the fault of the drugs themselves, but the need to have sex for many hours.

Physiologists say about the period of refraction after the end of sexual intercourse – the inability of the body to respond with a persistent and prolonged erection to the erotic pathogen. It is associated with a drop in the level of sex hormones after ejaculation, and with some nuances of the Central nervous system. Porn actors do not go out of the period of refractoriness throughout the “working day”. And to cause a sufficient erection for filming, they really have to take drugs that increase the blood flow to the penis. However, over time, stop helping even pills. That’s understandable.

At the same time, patients using drugs to increase potency for medical reasons – for example, during the treatment of prostatitis, after recovery from the underlying disease, do well without drugs.

About a certain habituation can be said except in the case of erectile dysfunction associated with psychological causes. In this case, taking drugs to improve potency gives the patient self-confidence. However, we should not forget that with erectile dysfunction caused by psychological reasons, it is necessary to undergo a course of psychoanalysis, which will help to cope with the root of the problem.

Drugs for potency and vision

Another “horror story” – drugs to improve potency cause blindness. Indeed, these drugs are characterized by side effects such as impaired color perception and narrowing of the field of vision, irritation of the conjunctiva and tears.

But after the abolition of the drug, they pass. Irreversible damage to the optic nerve when taking funds to increase potency are very, very rare.

Drugs for potency and heart

Surely everyone has heard the history of how man has taken the pill of the medications for improving potency and died during sex from a heart attack. Such cases do happen.

Another thing is that they happen to people who have already suffered from cardiovascular diseases. Sexual activity is associated with increased stress on the heart.

For each case of death after taking drugs to increase potency necessarily investigated and has never been proven that the cause of death was just taking the drug.

Although, of course, people who are cardiologists recommended to limit the sexual life for heart disease, you should not play with fire. Especially if heart problems it is best to avoid the “missionary” position that requires strong tension and choose the more gentle poses.

In addition, drugs to improve potency can not be taken together with some drugs for the treatment of ischemia – for example, nitroglycerin. Their joint reception can cause a sharp drop in pressure.

In any case, people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, drugs to increase potency can be taken only on prescription, adjusting, if necessary, the treatment of the underlying disease.

Who wouldn’t want to have drugs for potency?

When taking drugs for potency, the main thing is not to forget that these are drugs that have both indications and contraindications for their use. In some cases, they are simply useless. So, drugs to increase potency do not affect the libido. And if the problems in the sexual life of a person are associated with a lack of desire, or other psychological problems, such drugs will not help him. But in most cases, taking drugs for potency helps to solve problems with sexual life and is quite safe.

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